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Are You in Need of a Jump Start for Stalled Revenues? A Complimentary ATA Carnet Webinar.

ATA Carnets can be the spark you need to re-energize your drive for revenue and customer growth.

Join us on Tuesday, June 19th from 1-2pm CT for our complimentary ATA Carnet webinar – Are You in Need of a Jump Start for Stalled Revenues presented by Amanda Barlow, Vice President – ATA Carnet at Roanoke.

You will learn some of the fine points about ATA Carnets and the benefits of ATA Carnets. We will also go over some examples of actual ATA Carnet shipments and much more!

Anyone who provides logistical and supply chain services, documentation or consultation should attend. If you are a freight forwarder or customs house broker this webinar is perfect for you!

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