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ATA Carnets in KnowledgePort

Last updated on May 31st, 2019Have you visited KnowledgePort for your ATA Carnets education needs recently? Whether you’re looking to stay current on the industry or jumpstart revenues, the ATA Carnet content in KnowledgePort is there to help you.   We currently have three courses on ATA Carnets for you to check out. Learn online and on your own schedule with any or all of these courses, and earn NEI continuing education credits to meet your CCS, CES or MES requirements. These courses are available at no cost to Roanoke clients.   ATA Carnet Fundamentals | Interactive Course This series of lessons will familiarize you with what the ATA Carnet is, how it functions, when it is appropriate to offer the ATA Carnet to your clients, and how to obtain the ATA Carnet for your clients. You will learn what you need to know to discuss the ATA Carnet with your clients, including the types of goods, purposes of travel, and locations where the ATA Carnet applies. Additional lessons to follow. This course is approved by the NEI for 1 Continuing Education Credit for CCS, CES, or MES certified individuals.   ATA Carnet | A Jumpstart to Stalled Revenues [Recorded Webinar] This webinar is a primer for customs brokers, freight forwarders, and other logistics service providers who are interested in adding ATA Carnet to their suite of services. The webinar covers what a carnet is, where and how it works, and how incorporating carnet procurement services can boost revenue. Completion of the course is 1 NEI CCS or CES credit.   ATA Carnet Fundamentals of Temporary Imports and Exports with CBP and Foreign Customs [Recorded Webinar] Virtually all goods, whether hand-carried or cargo-shipped, may be covered by ATA Carnets. This ATA Carnet webinar will help you understand all the ins and outs of U.S. issued ATA Carnets, from best customs clearance practices to mitigating claims and avoiding compliance red flags. Completion of the course is 1 NEI CCS or CES credit.   The content listed above is contained in our KnowledgePort online learning platform. KnowledgePort is a dynamic learning platform that contains a course library, goal achievement and course management. The platform contains a dashboard to track the status of projects.   Roanoke Trade developed KnowledgePort to engage and educate clients and industry stakeholders. Roanoke Trade is not only committed…
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ATA Carnet Alert – China Carnet Access Expanded for US Business

Last updated on January 23rd, 2019Roanoke Trade is thrilled to pass along the excellent news to our partners and clients that the scope of acceptance for ATA Carnets in China has expanded! Per a recent announcement, the General Administration of Customs of the Peoples Republic of China has started accepting ATA Carnets for Professional Equipment and Commercial Samples as of January 9th, 2019. This means that US exporters and manufacturers can take advantage of entering their professional equipment, tools of the trade and commercial samples into China with ATA Carnets. Previously only goods traveling for Exhibitions, Fairs, and similar cultural events were accepted under ATA Carnet into China. This is a significant and valuable change for US businesses’ access to the Chinese market and makes temporary entry procedures into China much easier. China Carnet Time Limit Removed That is not the only good news. Additionally, China will no longer limit ATA Carnet entries to 6 months. As per the recent announcement, the final date of re-exportation of ATA Carnets in China time limit is being removed and extended to the full validity of the ATA Carnet. This means that moving forward ATA Carnets imported into China will have the same re-exportation date requirement as the majority of countries that accept ATA Carnets. With the new tariffs and barriers to entry into China this could not come at a better time for US business. The ongoing dispute over unfair trade practices between the current administration and the Chinese government has complicated the process of doing business with Chinese markets and suppliers. The expansion of the ATA Carnet in China allows US companies one easy and inexpensive method of continuing or even expanding business in China. With this great news we look forward to providing you with ATA Carnets to China! Contact your ATA Carnet Help Desk today to take advantage of these expansions of the ATA Carnet in China! You can reach us at 1.800.Carnets (1.800.227.6387) or by email at Don’t forget to check out our dedicated China page for all the ins-and-outs of traveling to China with an ATA Carnet.

ATA Carnet Alert: New Carnet Requirements to Enter Turkey

Last updated on November 6th, 2018 To all ATA Carnet users traveling to Turkey, please be advised that Turkish Customs has implemented a new national rule that requires ATA Carnet holders and/or their authorized representatives to provide an Excel file stored on a memory key to Turkish Customs at the time of entry. This file is then uploaded into Turkey’s national Customs system. The new requirement is coming directly form Turkish Customs, and the Turkish National Guarantee Association (TOBB) was not consulted before its implementation. For ATA Carnet holders and their representatives, this requirement must be taken seriously, as the consequences for failing to present the key with the Excel file has already caused delays and unexpected penalties. As reported by the Secretariat, when the ATA Carnet holder does not have a USB memory stick containing the list at the time of entry, the responses by Turkish customs officers has been inconsistent. In some instance the officer simply enters the data manually, but there have been complaints that some holders had to wait hours or even pay fines. The ATA Carnet community is working diligently to have this requirement reversed. In the meantime to avoid any potential customs delays, we recommend you prepare accordingly.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact your ATA Carnet Help Desk at 1.800.CARNETS (1.800.227.6387) or by email

Qatar is Accepting ATA Carnets Beginning August 1st of 2018!

August 1st, is a big day in the ATA Carnet world! After much anticipation Qatar will officially be accepting ATA Carnets, and we know many of you are very happy with this latest ATA Carnet development. As of tomorrow U.S. exporters who ship to Qatar can begin sending their temporary import shipments to Qatar on the ATA Carnet, the “passport for cargo” and the gold standard for temporary entries. To best prepare your business for this change, here is a list of the special considerations that Qatar has for ATA Carnet entries: 1.) As Qatar is only initially accepting goods for exhibitions and fairs, we recommend when completing the Importation Voucher that you notate on the importation voucher in section F b) Declare that goods are intended for use at: the following: a. Name of the Event b. Venue of the Event c. Duration of the Event 2.) Qatar does not accept split shipments. What is listed at time of entry must be the same items listed for re-exportation. Please note – you are able to import part of a general list. However, if only importing select item numbers listed on the general list and not the entire general list, then those same item numbers must be all re-exported together. 3.) ATA Carnet goods entering Qatar are accepted for goods shipped as cargo as well as hand-carried on a commercial airline as carryon baggage or checked as excess baggage. 4.) If you need to extend the time the goods need to stay in Qatar beyond the expiration date then we have good news, Qatar will be accepting Replacement ATA Carnets! 5.) Qatar will be assessing penalties if the ATA Carnet goods are not re-exported on or before the final date of re-exportation notated in box 2 of the importation counterfoil. A fee of QAR 1,000 (US$275) shall be payable weekly or part of the week past the re-exportation date with the condition that the final amount shall not exceed 20% of the value of the goods. We look forward to providing you with ATA Carnets to Qatar! Contact your ATA Carnet Help Desk today, and be the first to enter Qatar on an ATA Carnet! You can reach us at 1.800.Carnets (1.800.227.6387) or by email at

ATA Carnets Welcome Qatar!

Last updated on May 23rd, 2018Starting this August, Qatar will be officially accepting ATA Carnets! This means that U.S. exporters to Qatar can begin sending their temporary import shipments to Qatar on ATA Carnet, the “passport for cargo” and the gold standard for temporary entries. By joining the ATA Carnet system, Qatar strengthens their status as a global investment destination and becomes even more attractive to international events and exhibitions. According to the latest data available from the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the United States exports $4.9 billion worth of goods to Qatar annually with a high proportion of this trade in the aviation, machinery, and electronics sectors. The U.S. enjoys a $3.8 billion trade surplus with Qatar, and acceptance of ATA Carnet shipments promises to ease trade to Qatar and further develop economic cooperation and export expansion for U.S. companies. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) officially welcomed Qatar as the 78th country to implement the ATA Carnet system at the World ATA Carnet Council meetings in X’ian China, last week. Qatar’s application of the ATA Carnet system will initially be open to only goods for exhibitions and fairs, but, ICC WCF World ATA Carnet Council (WATAC), Chair Ruedi Bolliger states “…we believe the implementation will give Qatar enough confidence to expand the scope of application to other main categories of goods in the near future.” We look forward to providing you with ATA Carnets to Qatar! Contact your ATA Carnet Help Desk today, and be the first to enter Qatar on an ATA Carnet! You can reach us at 1.800.Carnets (1.800.227.6387) or by email at

GOAL!!!! – ATA Carnets & FIFA 2018 World Cup

World Cup Fever is almost upon us! Starting June 14 and running until July 15, the FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia. The good news for the trade industry is that the Russian National Guarantee Association has declared that sports equipment and broadcasting equipment, intended specifically for the FIFA World Cup, may be temporarily imported under ATA Carnet as Professional Equipment. The FIFA World Cup is the most watched sports event in the world, and the ATA Carnet is the best method for media companies to bring broadcasting equipment into and out of Russia. For complete details on how to enter items into Russia for the FIFA World Cup, please consult the 2018 FIFA World Cup Customs and Freight Forwarding Manual. This manual addresses customs matters including customs declaration and other questions connected with entering items for this global event. When preparing your ATA Carnet for entry into Russia we recommend the following: Select Professional Equipment as the intended use type. Notate in the importation voucher box F. b) declare that the said goods are intended for use at: FIFA 2018 World Cup. Pictures of the goods should be attached to the ATA Carnet. You can submit your photos to your ATA Carnet Help Desk via email. We will stamp printed copies with the guarantee association seal and ATA Carnet number and include these along with your ATA Carnet. The General List should be as clearly described as possible include any and all unique identifying characteristics for example but not limited to model number, brand name, and serial number. We recommend you include a Russian translation of the General List along with the ATA Carnet at time of customs clearance. We can stamp this translation with guarantee association’s seal along with the photos. If you need any assistance with assembling the general list, any of the recommendations above or obtaining your 2018 FIFA World Cup ATA Carnet, please contact your ATA Carnet Help Desk 1.800.Carnets (1.800.227.6387) or

India Now Accepts Professional Equipment via an ATA Carnet

Great news for the US export community: India has made a policy shift around the use of ATA Carnets! On January 18th, India began accepting ATA Carnets for the temporary import of professional equipment. Since 1990, India has only accepted ATA Carnets for goods being temporarily imported for approved trade shows, as well as fairs and exhibitions. India has expanded the scope of the ATA Carnet acceptance to include temporary importation of professional equipment, making it easier for businesses to access the Indian market. “This is an important development that will help boost U.S. exports to India, and make it much easier for business travelers to get essential professional equipment in and out of the country,” said Andrew Shiles, USCIB’s senior vice president of ATA Carnet. “All sorts of people and companies – from news organizations to symphony orchestras to technicians making repairs – use ATA Carnets to move professional equipment around the world swiftly and cost-effectively.” Considerations must be made for all policy changes, and this change to India’s ATA Carnet acceptance is no exception. Prior to this change, India accepted ATA Carnets under a more limited basis – only allowing goods under temporary importation for fairs and exhibitions, and those goods were limited to a maximum period of six months in the country. While India has expanded the scope of the ATA Carnet acceptance to include temporary importation of professional equipment, they will limit the duty-free and tax-free entry to two months. They will consider the possibility of renewing the ATA Carnet entry for an additional two months upon request to the port of entry. This restricted date will be noted on the importation counterfoil in box 2 as the final date for re-exportation. It is imperative, as with any ATA Carnet shipment, that you verify these notations at time of entry. This way you can ensure that you comply with any restrictions or special requirements and avoid the possibility of an unnecessary claim. ATA Carnet is considered the gold-standard in temporary importation. It is an international customs document that provides duty and tax-free customs clearance for temporary imports into foreign countries. ATA Carnet simplifies the entry by eliminating the need to post some form of financial guarantee, i.e., a Temporary Import Bond. ATA Carnets are recognized in over 100 destinations for virtually all types of goods, whether hand-carried…
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ATA Carnet Cargo Insurance – Risk Protection for Temporary Imports

Last updated on November 29th, 2017ATA Carnet use is growing internationally and for good reason. More and more logistics service providers and shippers are coming to understand the benefits of the carnet. Temporary importation shipments carry unique risks and challenges. Foreign countries have their own documentation requirements to clear customs and related security requirements, and they often require these documents in their native languages and their local currencies. The ATA Carnet document provides a quick and cost-effective solution for overcoming these obstacles and enables the shipment to cross through multiple customs jurisdictions without needing to pay duties or post multiple security types. A related tool, and one that many shippers and forwarders don’t fully understand, is ATA Carnet Cargo Insurance. The goods on an ATA Carnet are typically delivered, unpacked, used or displayed, sometimes for quite a long time, and finally repacked and shipped to the next location. Customary language in a cargo insurance policy excludes losses that occur out of transit, when the goods are not packed and stowed, or when the goods are on display. A sample loss from a 2016 carnet shipment illustrates the multilayered benefits of ATA Carnet cargo insurance. The Scenario A media company moved recording equipment on an ATA Carnet from Los Angeles to Canada. Nearly $200,000 worth of camera equipment was stolen from the filming location during set up for a shoot in Toronto. The shipper’s agents reported the crime to the local police and alerted Canadian customs. They made the trip back to Los Angeles and were able to use their ATA Carnet to make a successful partial re-importation of their remaining goods. The Claim In addition to the lost value of the stolen cameras, the shipper received a claim from Canadian customs requiring taxes to be paid on the stolen goods.  As far as customs was concerned, the stolen camera equipment had entered Canadian commerce and so a consumption entry had to be made. The Cost “Standard” cargo insurance:   ATA Carnet cargo insurance: Lost Cargo Value $200,000   Lost Cargo Value $200,000 Tax Rate 15%   Tax Rate 15% Tax Amount $30,000   Tax Amount $30,000 Total Loss Amount $230,000   Total Loss Amount $0.00   In this instance the shipper acted responsibly. They made the transit on an ATA Carnet, filed the police report with local authorities, and re-imported…
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Roanoke Trade Contributes to Milestone Number of ATA Carnets Issued in 2016

2017 has gotten off to quite a start celebrating an all-time ATA Carnet high of over 20,000 ATA Carnet documents issued in 2016. Roanoke Trade and its partners contributed to more than half of these ATA Carnets issued in the United States. This makes Roanoke Trade the largest ATA Carnet provider in the U.S., all thanks to our very loyal and supportive customers. Thank you for helping us achieve this goal and giving us the opportunity to partner with you as your ATA Carnet back office. “This has been a long standing goal for the ATA Carnet service,” commented USCIB’s President and CEO Peter M. Robinson in their press release. Roanoke Trade had the honor of being appointed the first ATA Carnet Service provider for USCIB in 1978. Since that day we have experienced continued growth in issuing ATA Carnet documents as well as improving the ATA Carnet service. We developed software solutions that brought the ATA Carnet application from a typewriter to a fully web based application CarnetsOnline™. We are very proud of the long-standing partnership we have with USCIB, the U.S. appointed National Guarantee Association, which has fostered the growth, developments, and improvements the ATA Carnet system has enjoyed. We continue to ensure the ATA Carnet stays relevant in an automating world and continue to respond to the needs of our customers and the industry. The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that helps you expand your business in foreign markets. This customs document allows duty free and tax free entry into over 100 customs territories. Call it your Cargo’s Passport to over 100 destinations worldwide. As we continue to celebrate our milestone we look forward to providing you with ATA Carnets! Contact your ATA Carnet Help Desk today! You can reach us at 1.800.CARNETS (1.800.227.6387) or by email at

Kazakhstan Will Accept ATA Carnets Effective April, 2017

Last updated on March 28th, 2017Keeping the ATA Carnet momentum going in 2017, USCIB announced that Kazakhstan will start accepting ATA Carnets for professional equipment, commercial samples and exhibitions and fairs April 1, 2017. Kazakhstan has had a growing economy since its independence in 1991 and accepting ATA Carnets only furthers its position in the global economy. This makes Kazakhstan the 77th country to accept ATA Carnets. Kazakhstan is the 83rd largest importer of goods from the United States and the 69th largest exporter of goods to the United States, with a total of $2.4 billion in two-way trade in 2014 according to the US Department of State. U.S. firms invested more than $42 billion in Kazakhstan between 1993 and 2013. These companies are concentrated in the oil and gas, business services, telecommunications and electrical energy sectors. Kazakhstan has made progress in creating a favorable investment climate. By joining the ATA Carnet system, they continue to show their commitment to foster foreign investment and facilitate trade for Kazakhstan businesses and their trading partners. “The implementation of the ATA Carnet system demonstrates Kazakhstan’s commitment to promoting economic growth and trade facilitation,” stated USCIB President and CEO Peter M. Robinson in their press release. “Use of Carnets will make it easier for American and other foreign companies to do business with the country, while enabling Kazakhstan businesses easier access to the U.S. and global markets.” With this great news, we look forward to providing you with ATA Carnets to Kazakhstan! Contact your ATA Carnet Help Desk today and be the first to enter Kazakhstan on an ATA Carnet! You can reach us at 1.800.CARNETS (1.800.227.6387) or by email at