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CBP Releases eBond Statistics

As of 2/5/2015, CeBondBP reported 1,188 activity code 1 electronic Single Transaction Bonds (“eSTBs”) accepted in ACE. Of those bonds, there have been seven bond/entry matches in the system and 360 bonds have been voided. That leaves 821 eSTBs that possibly should have been paper.

There are only two entry methods for which eSTBs are allowed, 1) ACE Cargo Release followed by ACE Entry Summary or 2) ACE Entry Summary Certified for ACE Cargo Release. A good rule to follow is that an eSTB is required for any entry fully processed in ACE. Any entry that is filed in ACS, even if the summary is filed in ACE, requires a paper bond.  Please refer to the eBond vs. Paper Bond chart on page 5 of the January 2015 Monthly Trade Update for clarification of the proper mode of bond filing.

It is likely that all 821 eSTBs that are pending in ACE are for “ACE Entry Summary Certified for ACS Cargo Release” entry transactions. STBs for this transaction type must be paper bonds. Your surety should be contacting you if you have any eSTBs accepted in ACE with no bond/entry match. Those bonds should be voided and paper bonds issued if the eSTBs were transmitted in error.

We will continue to provide updates as we receive new statistical data from CBP during the post deployment calls.