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President’s Day 2018

by Kim Colby

The Foreign Trade Association Names Glenn Patton of Roanoke as 2018 President!

by Roanoke Trade

The Foreign Trade Association (FTA) has named Roanoke Insurance Group Inc.’s Glenn Patton as their 2018 FTA President. Mr. Patton has been on the Executive Board of Directors for the Foreign Trade Association of Southern California since 2011 and has been an active member of the organization since 2002. Prior to earning his presidential seat, he served as Treasurer, 2nd Vice President and 1st Vice President. The Foreign Trade Association’s mission is to promote, foster and encourage international commerce and economic growth. The FTA wants to educate and conduct high quality and timely meetings, seminars and conferences for the purpose of encouraging and developing international trade, hallmarks that Mr. Patton is devoted to maintaining. Per Mr. Patton, “I am very honored to be President of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) in 2018, which will be our 99th year as an organization dedicated to promoting international trade. As global trade is constantly evolving, I’m looking forward to working with the FTA members to help continue our efforts as the FTA moves forward to a new century in 2019! ”

Mr. Patton has been with Roanoke since 1998, and is currently Vice President, Business Development. His technical expertise is concentrated in Cargo Insurance, Errors & Omissions, Property/Casualty and Bonds for transportation specialists. We believe that Glenn has the experience, determination and attention to detail to thrive in his new role as FTA President. Congratulations, Glenn, on this tremendous honor.

Roanoke Insurance Group Inc., enables global commerce by providing insurance, surety and risk management solutions for trade and transportation. Roanoke has sales, service and underwriting locations throughout the U.S. Call us today at 1.800.ROANOKE to speak with a representative.

2017 Holiday Hours

by Roanoke Trade

Thanksgiving Hours 2017

by Roanoke Trade

2018 NCBFAA Scholarship Program Is Now Open and Accepting Applications

by Roanoke Trade

If you or someone in your immediate family could use some help with college finances, then you should consider participating in the NCBFAA 2018 Scholarship Program, sponsored by NCBFAA Affiliate Member, Roanoke Insurance Group Inc. This $5,000 Scholarship is available to any employee (or an employee’s child) of an NCBFAA Regular member firm. High school seniors or undergraduate students at an accredited college or university who intend to pursue a career in customs brokerage, freight forwarding or a related field are eligible to participate in this competition.

To apply simply request an application by e-mailing or call 202.466.0222 to have a printed copy one forwarded by regular mail.

Then return your completed application by January 30, 2018, with the following:

  • Typed, double-spaced essay, along with detailed bibliography, on the topic “Renegotiating NAFTA – What major changes should be considered to benefit American businesses and consumers?”
  • Employment verification letter from NCBFAA regular member firm indicating that the candidate or candidate’s parent is so employed.
  • Proof of acceptance to, or current enrollment in, an accredited college or university, your class year (e.g., HS senior, undergraduate freshman, sophomore, etc.), and major area of study
  • Short (100 words or less) personal statement on your career goals.

Here’s what some previous winners have said about the program:

“I really appreciate this award because it helps enormously with my tuition and it will go a long way in supporting my efforts at completing my studies.”
– 2015 Scholarship Winner

“This award proves to me that there are opportunities waiting for anyone who is willing to think critically about the emerging issues facing both our world and the field of International Trade.”
– 2016 Scholarship Winner

“I am honored to have been chosen to receive this scholarship that I can assure you will help with my studies; I am also grateful to Roanoke for sponsoring this competition and providing this opportunity to students like myself.”
– 2017 Scholarship Winner

Leadership Transition at Roanoke – Karen Groff to Assume Role of President

by Roanoke Trade

Roanoke Insurance Group is pleased to announce that Karen Groff, Executive Vice President of Operations, will assume the role of President as of October 1. Current President, Bill Sterrett will remain as Chairman. Karen will be responsible for the ongoing leadership, management and directional planning of the organization; Bill will assume various strategic assignments and remain on Roanoke’s Board of Directors as Chairman.

Sterrett commented, “Karen is a strong leader, results-oriented and constantly seeks ways to improve our products, services and ways of working. I am both confident and excited about the future of the organization with Karen as my successor. I have worked closely with Karen for most of her career and she cares deeply about our employees, customers and partners. She is whole-heartedly dedicated to our industry.”

Karen has more than 24 years of experience with Roanoke working in the specialty insurance areas of marine cargo, liability, transportation-related bonds and ATA Carnets. Karen has held various management positions in Roanoke’s regional sales and corporate offices, and is a champion of automation and creative client solutions throughout.

Without question, Bill Sterrett will be a tough act to follow after 32 years as President,” Groff stated, “but I am looking forward to the opportunity knowing I have his full support.” Groff also remarked, “I am energized by knowing the talent in our organization runs deep, and grateful that our clients are the beneficiaries. By empowering employees we unleash the best solutions for our clients. The key is to focus in and really listen to our clients in order to help them achieve their objectives, then execute!”

We appreciate your business, and look forward to supporting you and your industry now and for many years to come!

Miami Office Reopened

by Roanoke Trade

We’re thrilled to be able to announce that the Miami office has reopened! All of our employees are safe and sound and have regained electricity in their homes.

The city and its surrounding areas will not be the same for years to come. We send our thoughts to those that have not fared as well as we have and are still dealing with the effects of the storm.

Charleston Office Reopens, Miami Remains Closed

by Roanoke Trade
We’re pleased to report that the Charleston office sustained minimal damage and will reopen today.
The Miami office is still closed as we still have several employees without power and as groceries and gas are widely unavailable.
As always, if you have any questions on your account, please feel free to reach out to us at 1.800.ROANOKE (1.800.762.6653) or by email at

Charleston Office Temporary Closing

by Roanoke Trade

Due to Hurricane Irma, we will be closing our Charleston office tomorrow, Friday, September 8th through Tuesday, September 12th and intend to reopen on Wednesday, September 13th. As the storm is currently a bit unpredictable, we are diligently watching it and will reopen when it is safe for all employees to return.

Please note that even though your specific customer service representative may be unavailable, if you have a question regarding your account, feel free to reach out to us at 1.800.ROANOKE (1.800.762.6653) or by email at infospot@roanokegroup,com.

Miami Office Temporary Closing, Houston Update

by Roanoke Trade

In light of the upcoming storm and the safety of our Miami staff, our Florida office will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, September 7th and Friday, September 8th. We will let you know if our office will remain closed past these dates.

Our Houston office has reopened, and we are able to report that everyone is safe and sound. We appreciate your thoughts, kind words and encouragement as we dealt with Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.