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by Amanda Barlow
  The ICC World Chamber Federation, the organization that administers the ATA Carnet system, has released two country-specific operational changes relating to the usage of the ATA Carnet. Italy

by Jason Palumbo
Increase Expected for Limits of Liability Established by the Montreal Convention In a message to members of the

by Roanoke Trade
Cargo Theft is at an All Time High During the Holiday Season While it may be the most w...

by Matthew Zehner
The United States collected a record $7 billion in import tariffs in the month of September as new duties went into effect on apparel, tools, ele...

by Rick Bridges
Recently Roanoke’s VP of Client Development, Richard Bridges, published a compelling article tackling cyber-attacks in CNS Air Cargo Focus. Deeply involved in international trade and insurance for more than 18 years, Rick is no stranger to issues of cybersecurity.

by Roanoke Trade
A signing ceremony for the Suspension Agreement occurred on Thursday, September 19. That agreement takes effect upon signing by Commerce and the Signatories.  The suspension agreement imposes new procedures on tomatoes imported from Mexico. Tomatoes imported from signatories will not require the 17.56% antidumping duty deposit, however liquidation will still be suspended.

by Roanoke Trade
By Karen Groff, President Roanoke Insurance Group Inc.  

by Roanoke Trade
The Shipping Risks Making Supply Chain Logistics Vulnerable

by Roanoke Trade
Prevent Cyber AttacksTransportation and logistics service providers, and mostly all companies large and small, are suffering b...

by Roanoke Trade
Ever wondered how ATA Carnets benefit businesses looking to expand on a global scale? Find the answer to that question and more in this brief excerpt from an interview with Amanda Barlow, Vice President of ATA Carnet. “The ATA Carnet is an absolutely amazing and dynamic tool that allows and assists U.S. business as well as foreign business to expand in foreign markets,” Amanda explains in a ...