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by Roanoke Trade

Preparing for the Road Ahead: Autonomous Vehicles & VesselsThe race to get autonomous vehicles and vessels on the road and on our waterways is set to impact the way the logistics industry operates. While the reality of self-driving vehicles and vessels in still in the distant future, those throughout the logistics supply chain should be taking a close look at what is taking place and preparing for that day.

by Roanoke Trade

Did you know…

You have the option to have FastBond™ automatically email you the completed CBP301 bond form upon bond approval from ACE or CBP. Watch the video to learn how or follow these instructions.


  1. From the HOME page, click the link
  2. Update Your Contact Information (or, click on the Maintenance menu User Settings)
  3. Then, click the checkbox
  4. Email CBP301 
  5. Click the Save button

You only have to make this change once to have all future bond emailed to you directly from FastBond with the CB301 attached showing the new bond number on the form, too!

by Roanoke Trade

This blog written by Laura A. Otenti of Posternak Blankstein & Lund LLP examines how deregulation of the rail industry impacts the property broker bond required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Deregulation does not mean no regulation at all. The trick is figuring out which regulations remain in place and when.

FMCSA Property Broker Bond

property broker rail transitProperty brokers that operate in interstate commerce have to comply with the FMCSA’s financial security requirements.

by Roanoke Trade

Cargo Insurance in Action: Covering Freight Damage On the RoadCargo owners often think that transporting goods by water as more perilous than shipping freight by land. Ocean travel covers thousands of miles over several weeks versus land distances, which are typically measured in hundreds of miles and days. The assumption, therefore, is that the road comes with fewer hazards due to the shorter transits. But making this assumption can be costly for those that don’t properly insure cargo – whether by water or land.

by Roanoke Trade

Jones Act Temporarily Waived as Puerto Rico Is Ravaged in the Wake of Hurricane MariaCategory 4 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico with a vengeance and caused unprecedented devastation to the entire island, destroying roads, structures and its electrical grid. To help get desperately needed supplies to the island, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), upon the request of the governor of Puerto Rico, this past Thursday waived the enforcement of the Jones Act for 10 days to allow foreign ships to carry aid to the U.S.

by Roanoke Trade

If you or someone in your immediate family could use some help with college finances, then you should consider participating in the NCBFAA 2018 Scholarship Program, sponsored by NCBFAA Affiliate Member, Roanoke Insurance Group Inc. This $5,000 Scholarship is available to any employee (or an employee’s child) of an NCBFAA Regular member firm. High school seniors or undergraduate students at an accredited college or university who intend to pursue a career in customs brokerage, freight forwarding or a related field are eligible to participate in this competition.

by Roanoke Trade

Will High Tech Delivery Solutions Be Used Anytime Soon in A City Near You?It’s estimated that e-commerce retail sales will increase to $4.058 trillion in 2020, according to research company e-marketers, making up 14.6% of total retail spending that year. This undoubtedly will add to the flood of packages being delivered to crowded cities throughout the world and to the race by forward-thinking logistics providers to adapt high-tech solutions to make these deliveries.

Global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company in a recent report on urban commercial transport looked at logistic solutions that could make a positive impact on the delivery system into cities.

by Roanoke Trade

Just days after Harvey, Hurricane Irma is making its way through the Atlantic. Irma has already wreaked havoc in the Caribbean and is expected to reach Southern Florida as early as Saturday. This unprecedented Atlantic storm has civilians in evacuation mode as the region and several surrounding areas have been declared a state of emergency.

This hurricane season, in its prime, has had an immense impact on lives, jobs, the economy and the nation’s transportation network – especially freight movement.

by Roanoke Trade

In anticipation of potential claims caused by Hurricane Irma, Roanoke Claims Services is prepared to help. Should you need to report a claim, please refer to the information below.

For Marine Cargo Claims:

Report your loss directly in our CoverageDock™ system.  You may also reach us by phone at +1.844.283.8350 or by email at

For Property and Casualty Claims:

Contact Melissa Pyles, Hemanti Amin or Rita Ginnow or call us at +1.800.ROANOKE (800.762.6653).

by Roanoke Trade

Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath is responsible for some serious issues surrounding the status of cargo and releases in the ports that were closed due to the violent storm.

Roanoke representatives Vice President, Surety Information and Analysis Matt Zehner and Vice President, Surety Trade Relations & Business Development Colleen Clarke sat in on a conference call with Customs and Border Protection on 8/29 and the following is a summary of information discussed:

Please click on each of the following hyperlinks for the individual port’s current status: 2101-Port Arthur5301-Houston Seaport5309-Houston Airport5310-Galveston5311-Freeport, 5312-Corpus Christi.