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Marine Cargo Insurance from Roanoke Trade

Last updated on May 3rd, 2019

Securing the proper cargo insurance is critical in mitigating the risk of physical loss or damage to your goods within your supply chain. Cargo insurance provides coverage for your goods in the event of loss or damage during domestic and/or international transit.


What Is Covered by Cargo Insurance?

For all the ways your goods are transported cargo insurance can reduce the risks of physical loss or damage during transit and in storage.  At Roanoke Trade, our focus on the trade and logistics industry allows our team to tailor and customize your cargo insurance program to fit your unique needs.

For example, cargo insurance may be written to protect goods shipped by sea, air, truck, or rail, and can include coverage throughout the supply chain including while warehoused or in storage, as needed. Avoiding coverage gaps throughout the supply chain is key, and  that’s where our industry knowledge steps in to offer cost-effective coverage and expert advice.

Roanoke Trade can customize a cargo insurance or marine cargo insurance program depending on your needs to include:

  • International and Domestic Cargo Coverage
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Stock Throughput
  • Expanded Warehouse to Warehouse Coverage
  • High Value Cargo
  • Project Cargo


Why Do You Need Cargo Insurance from Roanoke Trade?

There are inherent risks in the transportation of goods.  Many of these risks you can mitigate through best practices including selecting qualified partners, and proper packing, but not all. Cargo insurance is necessary for the transit risks you can’t fully eliminate, such as rough handling, collision, overturn, theft, or non-delivery, jettison , General Average and natural disasters, to name a few. Cargo insurance, protects your financial interests when your cargo suffers a physical loss or is damaged as a result of an external cause.

Unlike other types of insurance, state law does not regulate marine cargo insurance, therefore what is and isn’t covered can vary drastically from policy to policy. As such, partnering with an experienced specialist who understands the intricacies of cargo insurance and supply chain is an invaluable advantage to those seeking to protect their financial interests.

Roanoke Trade, along with our network of logistics service partners, is strategically positioned to guide you through the process of selecting the proper coverage for your business.


Logistics Service Providers – Shippers Interest Policy

As logistics experts, your customers rely on you to advise and guide them through the transportation process. Many cargo owners do not understand the risks inherent in transportation or have access to the resources to insure them. So, you have an opportunity to educate and provide them with the cargo insurance products necessary to manage those risks.

Roanoke Trade can provide logistics service providers with a high quality, competitively priced and easily managed shippers interest policy that allows you to offer your clients the insurance they require. This coverage directly insures your client’s cargo against physical loss or damage providing them a better option than solely relying on the carrier’s liability.  In contrast to carrier’s liability insurance, a shippers interest policy will pay to either repair or replace the cargo, regardless of if the carrier is found liable or not (subject to policy terms and conditions).


Rely on Our Expertise for Cargo Insurance

Roanoke Trade has a vast amount of experience in the transportation and logistics industry – nearly 80 years, actually. Protecting businesses from devastating cargo losses and mitigating transportation liability exposures is what we do, which is why you should rely on us for your coverage.

For an in-depth risk evaluation, please contact us at 1-800-ROANOKE or complete the Contact form located above.