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Is It Time to Sharpen the Saw? Welcome to KnowledgePort

In 1963, John F. Kennedy said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

Across the country, our team is there to listen, and you let us know what we can do to be a better partner and an asset to your team. To that end Roanoke’s staff of insurance, surety, and ATA Carnet experts are always learning and, in turn, hoping to impart our knowledge as well as our educational resources to you.

Although we have offices throughout the country to serve you, these days we’re not able to see our clients as much as we want to. Shelter-in-place orders require that we all work from home. Now is a great time to focus on training and education, especially through online tools and interactive applications.

Welcome to KnowledgePort™, our online learning management platform that we built specifically for our clients and partners. KnowledgePort™ provides training on insurance topics, risk mitigation and loss prevention strategies, surety bonds, and ATA Carnets. Through KnowledgePort™, Roanoke clients can learn the foundation of these topics via on-demand interactive courses and recorded webinars. The webinars, led by Roanoke professionals, are often co-hosted by partner companies such as logistics-focused law firms and consultants to bring the best minds together for you. Best of all, all courses are free to Roanoke clients, and most courses are eligible for NEI continuing education credits for CCS, CES, and MES designations.

The current online course catalog consists of 18 modules. A few examples of highlighted courses include:

ATA Carnet Fundamentals (Interactive Course): Clients will learn about the ATA Carnet document and the process of temporary importation, why the ATA Carnet is considered a passport for goods, what goods qualify, and which may be exempt from other government requirements. Also covered are the three types of temporary importation that fall under the ATA Carnet. Learn about best customs clearance practices — from mitigating claims to avoiding compliance red flags.


Cargo Insurance Basics (Interactive Course): Clients will gain a strong foundation in what cargo insurance is, how cargo insurance works, and the importance of the cargo owner insuring each and every shipment. You will be learn to explain to clients, how carriers limit liability, how insured value is calculated, and what happens in the event there is a loss to a cargo and a claim needs to be filed.


Can You Afford Not to Have E&O Insurance? (Recorded Webinar): Learners will gain insight into the importance of Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance coverage. Rules and regulations are constantly changing. Pair that with an increasingly litigious environment and there’s a recipe for disaster. Learn why companies cannot afford to be without E&O coverage/protection.


Customs Bond Fundamentals (Interactive Course): In these bond modules the learners will familiarize themselves with basic bond concepts and terminology needed to assist clients. Learn to identify causes of bond losses and problem commodities; what are the primary responsibilities of the customs broker when executing customs bonds; what happens when a CBP liquidated damages claim is filed against a client? Through these bond modules a better understanding will be gained about the enforcement process and how to avoid the possibility of such claims in the first place.


In addition to these learning opportunities related to ATA Carnets, Insurance, and Bonds, KnowledgePort™provides information on a variety of best practices ranging from Incoterms 2020 to cybercrime and fraud. If a client has come to us with a questions, it’s likely we’ve addressed it in some form on KnowledgePort™.

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