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Roanoke Frames the Future of Trade at ICPA

In the dizzying heights above Bespin’s Cloud City, Lando Calrissian betrayed his old friend Han Solo in a deal with Darth Vader. This betrayal resulted in the framing of Han in carbonite for transport to Tatooine.

In the sunny climes of Orlando, Florida on March 25-27 at the ICPA conference, the Roanoke Trade team will be doing quite the opposite.

We’re capturing the fun by taking pictures with our friends and colleagues at booth #68. We’ll be mounting the photos in custom designed thematic frames for “Trade Wars, Compliance Strikes Back” so we can transport the great memories home for you.

The Roanoke team is thrilled to attend the ICPA conference as we frame the memories of our time together.

In addition to the cool photos, please come by the booth for a chance to win $100 — and to visit with our own ​Amanda Barlow​ and ​Patrice LaFayette​.

Amanda is our ATA Carnet expert and will be addressing anything and everything about ATA Carnets including the new ​KnowledgePort training module.

Patrice’s expertise is in customs bonds and will be ready to answer questions regarding current challenges for importers and customs brokers about bond sufficiency. She has a very handy one page guide of 5 steps to Bond Sufficiency in the Current “Trade War” Environment.

We’re looking forward to seeing old friends and making many new ones. Please be sure to find us in the Exhibit Hall or in the sessions. If you can’t make it, please CONTACT US to catch up.