Customs Bond Program Changes

Last updated on December 14th, 2016


Let’s make this the last time.

While a seamless transition to a new provider is the best case scenario, you’re still stuck with the potential for the worst: business disruptions for your clients and the risk of increased professional liability exposure for you.

Let’s make this change last for a while.

Schedule a call with a Change-Over Bond Specialist today to get your questions answered + your plan made.

Some say change is good. (Here’s why we agree.)

shaking-handsDo we like the idea of you having to check all of your clients’ bond agreements to make sure the termination and effective dates are entered accurately, or that all entities on the bond are noted correctly? Not quite. Do we think it’s fun notifying each and every one of your clients of their new bond numbers? Not at all.

For this, we’re on the same page as you: Change is tough.

But here’s why it’s in your favor right now: You have the chance to make a change that lasts — while decreasing your risk in the process.

Imagine being able to work with a provider who can guarantee a seamless transition now and the promise that this is the last change you’ll have to make for the foreseeable future.

Now, stop imagining. Because we have great news: You can.

At Roanoke, we’re helping customs brokers like yourself navigate today’s changes to avoid interruptions for your clients and decrease your professional liability risk by setting you up with a Customs Bond program with the stability you need.

Change right now is good — but it’s not something we want you to have to get used to.


Why Choose Roanoke Trade?

At Roanoke, we’ve been in the risk management business for 81 years, and we’ve got no signs of stopping.

A cornerstone of our Customs Bond program includes partnering with our sister company, Munich Re, an AM Best A+/Superior-rated surety. Like us, American Alternative Insurance Corporation (AAIC) is part of the Munich Re organization which means we have a shared interest in our longevity and the success of our mutual clients.

Our affiliation with AAIC and the entire Munich Re organization gives us in-house authority and management capabilities that decrease response time and reinforce our confidence in the stability of the Customs Bond solutions we can offer you.

“Roanoke Trade has greatly facilitated the electronic bond process for system users regardless of bond type and has also provided a seamless transition during the migration of the U.S. Customs Automated Commercial System (ACS) to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE). Service is always quick, reliable and professional at Roanoke. While electronic capabilities and enhancements are critical for the expeditious processing of shipments, human involvement cannot be ignored. I know that the Roanoke team is always available to provide the support required to take care of anything we may need. So I must say, thank you Roanoke for everything that you have done for us in over 30 years of our business partnership.”

Reinaldo Rodriguez
Executive Vice President, Customs and Trade Services, Inc.

Want one less thing to worry about in the future?
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Risk is something we take seriously at Roanoke.

risk-managmentIn today’s logistics environment, liability, property, and other exposures are more prevalent than ever due to complex global supply chains, unpredictable events, and other risks.

Furthermore, the risks you face are not like a typical company’s and the volume of change you see in regulations may seem endless.

Addressing emerging risks with broad, comprehensive insurance coverage and effective risk management to help mitigate losses, along with keeping up with these changes and studying new potential exposures, is Roanoke Trade’s focus.